‘Top Lips’ & ‘Sunset Tropical’, Tulips with high decorative value

Flower bulb growers always keep an eye out for uncomplicated, promising varieties.

‘Top Lips’ and ‘Sunset Tropical’ tulips are such varieties and caught the expert eye of grower Remco van den Berg from flower bulb company Duin vof right from the start. ‘These are my kind of tulips!’

Flower bulb company Duin is located at the Langevliet in Callantsoog and has been in the hands of the family for 3 generations. Remco van den Berg joined the company at age 22 and manages the business together with his parents nowadays. Duin’s range includes narcissus, muscari and tulips and has always consciously chosen to work together with partner growers from different growers’ associations. This is also the case with tulip varieties ‘ Tops Lips’, which Duin has 5 acres of, and ‘Sunset Tropical’, which fills 2,5 acres of his nursery. Both varieties belong to the ‘Wirosa’ family and show similar features: short stems, sturdy greenery with striking double-headed flowers.

Pot plant market

Van Den Berg was introduced to both varieties through is agent. “He was the one who saw the potential in these 2 varieties and advised me to include them in my range. I had grown ‘Top Lips’ before for a contract order and thought they were wonderful, so I picked up where I left off. And Arno was right, the demand for them has been increasing since.” ‘Top Lips’ has stunning cherry-red petals edged with white, ‘Sunset Tropical is a bright pink, large-headed beauty. “Both varieties thank their high decorative value to their stunning shapes and colours. Combined with their short stem length, these tulips are just perfect for the pot plant market”, says Remco van den Berg. “Our primary customers are supermarkets and garden centres in Europe and North America.”

Good varieties for offsets

Both ‘Sunset Tropical’ and ‘Tops Lips’ are good varieties for producing offsets. “You can harvest them late in the season, when they have already well-matured. This is of great benefit to cut flower nurseries meaning that there is strength in the bulb. You will see that the wastage is near enough nil. The length of the stems stay levelled and will give a clean, tight-looking crop. They’re uncomplicated, acid-tolerant varieties, which are also important elements in the growing process. We have noticed a significant increase in demand recently making them an interesting, commercial choice.” In short: ‘Top Lips’ and ‘Sunset Tropical’ are wonderful varieties for both cut flower as well as pot plant nurseries.  

Tekst by: Monique Ooms
Photography by: René Faas

Remco van den berg about 'Sunset Tropical' and 'Toplips'