Three brothers introduce three colourful sisters

Whoever keeps his eyes open, will make a great discovery one day.

This happened to the three brothers Sjaak, Frank and Nico Boon from firma P. Boon in Venhuizen. They came across several mutants from tulip ‘Verona’ and decided to keep them aside. The result of their decision is 3 new varieties on the market today: ‘Scarlet Verona’, ‘Verona Sunrise’ and ‘Marie Jo’.  

 The brothers Sjaak, Frank and Nico Boon run their business in chicory and flower bulbs from Venhuizen, West Friesland. Even though their core business has never been breeding, they’ve always kept an eye open for new discoveries amongst their existing crop. “We found different mutants in ‘Verona’. The three that we’ve just introduced to the market, caught our attention from the first moment thanks to their beautiful colours. Their colours is still what impresses the most when you see them for the time.” PBR has been applied in the meantime for the red ‘Scarlet Verona’, pink ‘Verona Sunrise’ and yellow ‘Marie Jo’.


The three sisters differ in colour but have the same physical features, according to the brothers. “They’re early-season, double tulips. Shaped tightly and therefore easy to be processed and convenient for shipping. Their growing conditions are superb: uniform lengths and barely any rejects. And of course their stunning colours, which is their signature.” These tulips are meant for domestic and international flower growers. “They do really well in mono flower bunches as well as in mixed bouquets. We aim at the higher end of the market, which means florists rather than supermarkets.”


In the meantime, the brothers have been growing 20 acres of ‘Marie Jo’, 4 acres of ‘Scarlet Verona’ and 2,5 acres of ‘Verona Sunrise’. “We have already produced quite a number of bulbs. We hope to generate attractive margins by limiting the yield and enabling the rest of the chain to make profit on the products as well.” ‘Marie Jo’ is named after the renowned lingerie brand. “We had this tulip christened by the local Marie Jo store at the time and hopefully it will give this variety’s reputation a boost.” The double yellow ‘Marie Jo’ would also make a great successor for Monte Carlo. “We have great expectations for this tulip, just like we have for all three.

Tekst by Monique Ooms
Photography by René Faas