Lily Tabledance: The leading star of the new generation OT’s

‘Tabledance’ is currently in strong demand’, says Jacob Langelaan from ZaboPlant.

The leading star of the new generation OT’s’

One of the current stars within the OT-lily range is the pink variety ‘Tabledance’. This cultivar first came onto the market 10 years ago and has grown in popularity ever since. Especially the elegant look of the buds and the abundance when they flower, makes it a popular variety for the American, South American and Japanese market.

‘Tabledance’ is currently in strong demand’, says Jacob Langelaan from ZaboPlant. Main reason for its popularity is its abundance in buds. ‘Bulb size 14/16 easily gives 3 to 5 heads per stem. This feature is an important element for certain markets. It also means that there is a market for the remainder of bulb sizes, making Tabledance a very strong cultivar.

Rogier Mak from Mak Breeding BV confirms this statement. “We selected ‘Tabledance’ 10 years ago, it was one of the new generation OT cultivars from our nursery. This new generation is renowned for having stronger characteristics such as: consistent number of upward facing buds, compact bud build up, continuous flowering and an elegant, fresh colour. We already saw Tabledance’s potential a decade ago. In the meantime, it has lived up to our expectations and the success is still ongoing.


Not only the large number of buds but also the overall look of the lily is exceptional. Langelaan: “Tabledance is a variety, which colouring process continues after it is already cut and the buds have no trouble getting their length either. Rogier Mak adds: its distinctive, fresh pink colour, the way the buds are positioned on the stems, the vibrant green foliage, it all just makes sense.”

According to Jacob Langelaan, America end South America are the most important markets for this OT lily due to the reliability in number of buds. The Japanese markets appreciate ‘Tabledance’ because of its unique pink colour. “The current question is, will the Chinese and the Vietnamese markets follow and pick up Tabledance as well. That’s when this variety really starts booming.” According to Langelaan, Tabledance is currently being used as a variety for the beginning and end of the season. “During Summer, the stem length may not reach its normal size and the shade of the flowers is less intense pink due to the amount of sunlight.”

Lower planting density

Whilst China and Vietnam are countries that produce year round and require strong pink colours, we can only wait and see if this variety will be picked up in bulk. There is a genuine interest from both markets, that’s for sure!

Langelaan advises growers to lower the planting density when planting Tabledance, same as with every other OT lily. “Our advice is to lower the density with 10% compared to oriental lilies. Tests have shown that less planting per m2 will increase bud size and colour.” Mak adds: “Give the OT’s plenty of water and do not cut them too tight as the buds need time to grow and colour before they start flowering.”

Rogier Mak and Jacob Langelaan about Premium Variety Tabledance