Premium Varieties: Jeroen Litjens about tulip Red Label

Red Label, a perfect tulip for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most important day in the flowers and plants business. Litjens Tulpen in the Dutch town of Creil peaks in producing red tulips for Valentine’s Day. ‘Red Label’ is a very promising new variety in the assortment of red tulips of Litjens Tulpen.

Litjens Tulpen produces 3 million tulips a year. At the end of January, their focus is on 14 February, Valentine’s Day. ‘The demand for tulips, mainly the red cultivars, starts to increase on the 25th of January. One of these tulips produced by Litjens Tulpen is ‘Red Label’, a beautiful bright red tulip originating from the cooperative growers’ association, Tuliko UA. ‘Red Label’ has large and heavy flowers and can be produced during an early forcing period. ‘Red Label’ is primarily sold for its true and bright red colour. Jeroen Litjens knows that the average price for tulips always rises somewhat as Valentine’s Day approaches, but the differences are minor. ‘Valentine’s Day is particularly known for its sharp increase in demand – and we, in turn, try to meet this increase in demand. The sharp peak on Valentine’s Day is unique; the demand for other special days have a more gradual slope. So, Jeroen and Sander Litjens are really tuning up the pace at their tulip greenhouses. The brothers report a 15 to 20 percent increase in production during this time.

Jeroen Litjens talks about Premium Variety Red Label

Red Label, a perfect tulip for Valentine