Purple pride, a universal hyacinth

Kapiteyn, based in Breezand, currently grows a modest 2,5 acres of this beautiful crop.

With its signature deep purple florets and strong cultivation features, hyacinth ‘Purple Pride’ certainly knows how to set itself aside from its pairs. Kapiteyn, based in Breezand, currently grows a modest 2,5 acres of this beautiful crop. However, future developments are looking quite promising.

Hyacinth ‘Purple Pride’ was already developed in 1991 and is a hybrid of Paul Hermann and Zeus from IVT. The deep purple hyacinth was developed by Orientalis, which is a collaboration initiative of Kapiteyn, P.A. de Groot and Rooijakkers Breezand, says Tim Kapiteijn. “We grow 2,5 acres of this variety among the 3 nurseries, which is currently exclusive to our collaboration.”

Deep purple

The hyacinth with its striking colour owns a strong set of properties. “This variety is tolerant to grey and slime mould, has exceptional growth habits and a healthy root system. It’s also easy to grow and therefore considered the improved Splendid Cornelia. In addition to the fascinating colour, ‘Purple Pride’ is an attractive variety thanks to its versatility. It is suitable for the dry bulb market as well as for the pot plant and cut flower industry. A universal hyacinth in the true sense of the word that appeals to many different markets.”

 Steady growth

Kapiteyn expects a significant increase of demand for ‘Purple Pride’ over the next period. “We already notice a rising buzz around this variety, the prospects seem very promising. There has been a higher, overall demand for hyacinths this year due to last season’s disappointing yield. This certainly had been a boost for the newbie. Especially the versatility of the variety for the indoor and outdoor trade will be the fuel for future demand, in bulbs as well as cut flowers. We will be bringing a smile to the faces of many consumers.”

By Monique Ooms
Photographs by René Faas