Muscari ‘Aqua Magic’ and sibling match made in heaven

Put it though with sibling ‘White Magic’ and you’ll have a combi that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

One and one is two, however in a rare occasion it simply outdoes the math, such as with muscari ‘Aqua Magic’.  This blue muscari is perfect to be cultivated on its own. Put it together though with its sibling ‘White Magic’ and you’ll have a combination that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Mixing different varieties of muscari for pots is quite the challenge. Every variety has its own specific features, even if they are grown under the same circumstances. Certain varieties grow just that bit quicker, while others develop longer stems. There is a good chance that a mixed pot of muscari looks irregular when it’s in flower, hence the scarcity of this product on the current market.

Muscari ‘Aqua Magic’ is the game changer. At first sight, ‘Aqua Magic’ is an ordinary muscari: a beautiful bluebell with short stems carrying lots of sky blue flowers. However, this muscari has a very specific feature that opts for unique purposes. ‘Aqua Magic’ has the exact same growth habits as the ‘White Magic’ muscari. Both cultivars are a match made in heaven for mixed pots. The combination of blue and white flowers is one of a kind compared to the rest of the muscari range.

The trick is in the breeding process. ‘Aqua Magic’ is 100% derived from ‘White Magic’. Genetically, they are near enough the same, which means their flowering features are equal as well. The stems grow to an even length, both varieties have the same flower time and are available from approximately mid-November until April.

Erik Willemse from Roma Nova nursery in Voorhout, carries both ‘Aqua Magic’ and ‘White Magic’ in his range and is very excited about the product. “The bulbs produce long-lasting, compact stems, an abundance of flowers that will give you instant colour. That’s the beauty of this product. You’re not buying a single flower, you’re buying a bowl of colourful rockets,”

Premium Variety Muscari Aqua MagicThe combination of 2 different colours of muscari has turned out to be a best-seller for Roma Nova. “These bulbs are by all means great for mono pots but it’s the growing interest in mixed pots in the industry what we notice. It’s how the mixed pots have become our signature product next to the mono pots.”

The ‘Aqua Magic’ and ‘White Magic’ combination is brought to consumers throughout Europe through different sales channels. “Theoretically, our products are suitable for every market”, says Willemse. “However, we notice that the German speaking countries are exceptionally keen on the mixes.”

‘Aqua Magic’ was launched onto the market 2 years ago in limited numbers. The yield has been increased afterwards and the product is now steadily available to growers and exporting companies. ‘Aqua Magic’ is part of growers’ association Muscari Magic. In addition to the two previously mentioned varieties, this association also includes ‘Blue Magic’, ‘Ocean Magic’ and ‘Early Magic’ in its portfolio. All the Muscari Magic varieties are PBR licensed and facilitated by 7 growers.

Muscari ‘Aqua Magic’ and sibling match made in heaven - Premium Varieties