Magny Cours: Burgundy beauty all year round

Magny Cours is an appealing variety for florists and garden centres that aim for the high-end market.


A potted lily must be short and dense, sturdy and green, preferably with buds that are showing a bit of colour. Tick all these boxes and it will instantly boost your sales. Potted lily Magny Cours fulfils all the requirements and is therefore an appealing variety for florists and garden centres that aim for the high-end market.

Van Schie Potlelies, based in Honselersijk, produces about 25 different varieties lilies in pots and in cut flower. Just over 2 years ago, Magny Cours arrived at the greenhouse in Molenbroeklaan. Magny Cours is an Oriental potted lily and was originally developed by breeding company Mak Breeding and purchased by growers association Originals afterwards. “Boltha from Breezand currently produces about 5 acres of this variety”, says Marcel van der Voort, who runs Van Schie Potlelies together with his wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Dense and lush

The reason for taking up Magny Cours was the elegant look of this specific potted lily. “The burgundy flowers with crisp white rims are stunning. It’s a sturdy plant with lots of foliage bearing 3 to 5 flowers per stem. The buds show a crimson red hue even when they are still tight, which has a positive effect to the overall look. It’s a dense and lush product with a high decorative value.” It was a bit hit and miss at first when searching for the right approach but Marcel and his colleagues are now able to supply Magny Cours all year round. “Especially since the bulbs are now partially cultivated in France. We produce an annual 200.000 to 300.000 bulbs.”

Currently, the biggest market for the lily is France. “Our customers there are high-end florists and garden centres. The UK and Germany are also interesting markets, where Magny Cours is mostly sold through the local retail.” The burgundy potted lily was originally meant as a houseplant. “As long as it doesn’t frost however, it will also survive on the patio or terrace. Especially from April/May until November, which is the perfect time of year for it to be outside. When the temperature drops, the colour of the flowers will become even darker.” The plant flowers for 2 up to 4 weeks.

Working together

Van der Voort is very involved with partners in breeding, cultivation and export in order to obtain maximum results. “We must work together if we want to supply high quality produce and develop products that are suited for current market demands. This is our preferred work method when introducing new varieties.”

Text by Monique Ooms
Photographs by René Faas