Jack Blauw about Premium Variety tulip Aphrodite

Jack Blauw about Premium Variety tulip Aphrodite

Aphrodite beautiful addition for flowershops and supermarket segment.

The reddish-pink tulip Aphrodite was discovered on the land of trading partnership Laan-Blauw in Marknesse about 20 years ago. Over the course of the years, this mutant from Orange Cassini has developed into a true eye catcher within the wide tulip range. ‘A growing demand.’

Not every mutant you find is a guaranteed success. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. “In the past, my uncles used to keep all the mutants they came across. Aphrodite really stood out from the crowd with its unusual reddish-pink shade. Later they also found Princess Catharina-Amalia”, says Jack Blauw, who runs the Laan-Blauw partnership together with his brother Vincent and his uncle Cees. “We have planted the mutants every year in order to increase their numbers. Six years ago, when there was a growing interest for Aphrodite, we have accommodated this variety at growers association Bulb Select. Nowadays, there are 4 growers who grow Aphrodite. In total, there is 30 acres of this variety, and half of it is ours. Our ambition is to expand to 50 acres eventually. In addition to the bulbs, we also grow 150.000 cut stems of Aphrodite.”

Long vase life

Blauw finds Aphrodite an easy one to work with in the nursery. “We hardly have to deal with diseases or acidity and it’s an excellent bulb maker.” Another advantage is that Aphrodite doesn’t show any noteworthy deterioration. “We grow in artificial light in our shed and that works out fine. This tulip also has a great vase life, it keeps at least a week when put on water. This is a strong selling point towards consumers.” The bulbs find their way to different foreign markets through export. “Approximately half of the bulbs is meant for domestic nurseries.” Blauw supplies his cut flowers to the auction. “Especially florists are interested in Aphrodite but it is also a great addition for the supermarket segment. The colour catches the eye and it’s not too light a tulip, which means it makes quite a full bunch. Aphrodite presents itself miraculously.”

Steady growth

Blauw is very happy with the sales of Aphrodite. “Adrie van Dun from CNB is in charge of the mediation of the bulbs. The sizes 11 and 12 were sold very quickly and we noticed a steady, growing demand from the export. Buyers need to discover a product first, which takes time. But things are picking up fast now.” Including the sales of the cut flowers. “For every trolley, there are at least 6 interested buyers. In order to keep their interest, we make sure that we supply uniform quality and auction daily.” The auction period runs from the 1st of January until approximately the 10th of February. “We look back on this period very positively and have high expectations for the future of Aphrodite.”

Tekst: Monique Ooms
Fotografie: René Faas

Jack Blauw talks about Premium Variety tulip Aphrodite