Rob Kreuk about Blue Magic

Easy going, stunning! Meet Muscari ‘Blue Magic’

As a grower, you’d rather work with safe, reliable crop. Enter Muscari ‘Blue Magic’.

Let’s be honest, no one wants troublemakers. Troublemakers are prone to diseases, cause excess waste and give disappointing results. As a grower, you’d rather work with safe, reliable crop. Enter Muscari ‘Blue Magic’.

For this article on Muscari ‘Blue Magic’, we visited Rob Kreuk from J.Th. Kreuk & Zn. B.V. based at the Langevliet in Callantsoog. Rob is currently the sole owner of the company. Together with 4 permanent employees and his sister, who looks after the financial side, he grows over 185 acres of bulbs. Muscari has been part of his range for many years. “We currently grow 32 acres of Muscari of which 15 acres of ‘Blue Magic’. We are a member of Muscari Magic and together we grow in addition to the ‘Blue Magic’: ‘Ocean Magic’, ‘White Magic’ and ‘Early Magic’. There are even more varieties down the pipeline.”

Idiot proof

Kreuk is equally excited about the different Magic varieties, which are mainly cultivated for the export and pot plant market. However, he would be most experienced with the ‘Blue Magic’. The beauty of this variety is its genetic short foliage. With other Muscari species, you’ll have to follow a specific programme in order to get the same results. This is not necessary with ‘Blue Magic’.” Kreuk also refers to this variety as idiot proof. “It’s impossible to go wrong with ‘Blue Magic’. It’s easy to work with and there’s hardly any trouble. This goes for cut flower as well as pot plant cultivation. Under normal circumstances, you will have 0% wastage.”

New introductions

This is great news to the many garden centres that offer Muscari ‘Blue Magic’. “You’re selling a winner to customers, who will gladly come back for more.” ‘Ocean Magic’, ‘White Magic’ and ‘Early Magic’, have the same positive features. “All these varieties come from the same breeding company and share the same steady core. Add in their stunning colour and shape and you have the world at your feet.” There are more new varieties down Muscari Magic’s pipeline. “We can’t wait for the next new variety to be introduced. We have great expectations!”

Written by Monique Ooms
Photography by René Faas

Rob Kreuk about muscari Blue Magic