Aad Verwer, Richard Walkier and Dave van Schie with dahlia ‘Sincerity’

Colour, height and long-lasting, ‘Sincerity’ ticks all the boxes

A new discovery needs to attract attention, is easy to grow and different to other cultivars on the market.

Finding a unique dahlia amongst newly available cultivars is quite the challenge. A new discovery needs to attract attention, is easy to grow and different to other cultivars on the market. It requires dedication. Sincere dedication, that’s what it took to find the most recent variety, dahlia ‘Sincerity’.

Dahlia ‘Sincerity’ is a product from breeding company Verwer Dahlias BV in Lisse. In 2014, it went into production by member growers from Coöperatie Dahliakwekers Gallery. The harvest from 2015 was exported to the European and North American market and by Summer 2016, the first ‘Sincerities’ were already available to consumers. Even though ‘Sincerity’ has only entered the market fairly recently, this cultivar has proven to be a huge success. It all starts with excellent qualities of the product itself.

Strong variety
Breeder Aad Verwer: “Dahlia ‘Sincerity’ is a very strong variety. During the selection procedure, which can take up to 4 years, we look at a dahlia’s performance under the effect of different forces of nature: rain, sun, wind. How does it keep and what are the growing conditions? When the results are positive, we add that variety to the portfolio of Coöperatie Dahliakwekers Gallery.

Cultivar ‘Sincerity’ has pink tipped petals, which fade into white with a yellow centre. “The combination of colour together with the large sized blooms and the height of the stems make ‘Sincerity’ one-of-a-kind and utterly photogenic,” says CNB sales representative Richard Walkier. Together with Dave van Schie (also CNB sales rep), they are the dahlia team. “It is truly an asset. You can tell by the positive feedback from export companies and mail order businesses. ‘Sincerity’ was first introduced in 2015, at the dahlia show garden. The show garden is the ultimate occasion to put different cultivars under people’s attention. It allows us to point out interesting features to possible clients. We have increased the production, therefore there is still stock available for those who act quickly. Interested parties can contact me or Dave for more information”.

Ocean of flowers

Dahlia ‘Sincerity’ grows steadily and produces about 8 to 10 stems of flowers between 50 and 55cm. “This dahlia is a real head-turner as it is a wide plant with flowers just peeping above the foliage. It’s an ocean of flowers, especially when you remove the top buds after 2 to 3 weeks.” Verwer likes to pass on useful tips to consumers. On their website www.verwer-dahlias.com, people can find more information on how to treat their latest purchase. As this dahlia is a medium height variety, it is perfect for in a garden or in different pots and containers. There is no need to worry about lasting: ‘Sincerity’ will flower for over 2 months.

Text: Lilian Braakman
Photography: René Faas

Aad Verwer about Premium Variety Sincerity