Tulip Toplips ®

Premium Variety Tulipa Toplips ® is a mutant of Wirosa with creamy yellow leaf margins and characterised by its short sturdy compact habit and nice sturdy leaves. This double late tulip produces flowers just between the leaves without continuing growth in the neck. Tulipa Toplips ® has an especially good keeping quality and is perfect as a pot tulip, particularly for late forcing. As a cut flower, Tulipa Toplips ® is fairly short but providing substantially more cold will result in greater length. Tulipa Toplips ® in smaller bulb sizes will produce flowers with fewer petals.


Colour Red
Breeder Bloembollenkwekerij Fa. Veul
Type Double Late Tulip
Cold requirement 17 weeks
Interm. temperature 4-5 weeks
Greenhouse days 24 days
Average length (cm) 25
Flowering period Feb 21 - Apr 15
Earliest housing date 1-Feb

*Cooperative growers’ association