Tulip Gwen ®

Premium Variety Tulipa Gwen ® is known as a reliable variety for both bulb production and forcing. Gwen ® produces a fairly large tulip with a sturdy basal stem.  The flower of this tulip is a beautiful white even when still in bud. Gwen ® is highly resistant to Fusarium. ‘Gwen’ is characterised primarily for its earliest flowering periods; since later forcing can produce somewhat overly lush foliage, it would be advisable to reduce the number of cold weeks for forcing during this period. When forced in sunny regions, lush foliage will not be a problem for late forcing. Five-degree forcing can be started at the beginning of December.


Colour White
Breeder Maveridge Licensing B.V.
CGA* Kwekersvereniging Proven Selections
Type Triumph Tulip
Cold requirement 14 weeks
Interm. temperature 1,5-2 weeks
Greenhouse days 23 days
Average length (cm) 40
Flowering period Late Dec - Mid Apr
Earliest housing date 10-Dec

*Cooperative growers’ association