Tulip Aphrodite ®

Tulip Aphrodite ® is a sport of ‘Orange Cassini’ and features an outstanding bud presentation. This is a pink tulip with flame markings on the petals and white leaf margins. Aphrodite ® can be commercially forced from early to late February. This cultivar also has an excellent vase life. Aphrodite ® develops very smoothly and at a uniform rate during forcing. Bulb production results in bulbs that have closely fitting tunics, are not susceptible to Fusarium, have good production traits, and produce sufficient bulblets.


Colour Red
Breeder Maatschap Laan-Blauw
Type Triumph Tulip
Cold requirement 15 weeks
Interm. temperature 3 weeks
Greenhouse days 25 days
Average length (cm) 38
Flowering period Jan - Mar
Earliest housing date 15-Dec

*Cooperative growers’ association