Lilium Valverde

‘Valverde’ is an OT lily developed by Mark Breeding BV from ‘t Zand.

First of all, notice the amazing colour. There is hardly any other OT variety available in this shade. It holds its colour very well and you don’t see this number of buds very often in an OT. Even the smaller sized bulbs, 12-14’s, still produce 2 to 3 heads. Normally this would require a larger size. ‘Valverde’ is a long lasting variety with flowers that keep growing once cut and put on water and open until the very last bud. Even in warm surroundings, the buds still stand straight and tall.”

Another strength of ‘Valverde’ is its stem length. It meets international standards. In The Netherlands it grows up to 130cm, in a warmer climate up to 110cm, which is perfect for those markets.


Species OT
Colour Orange
Breeder Mak Breeding
Breeder Mak Breeding
Length 130 cm
greenhouse days 95-100 days

number of buds per bulb size

size # of buds
12-14 1-3
14-16 3-5
16-18 4-6
18-20 5-7
20+ 6-9