Lilium Universe ®

Lilium Universe ® is a beautiful white Oriental lily. This lily features a spectacular white bud colour, long keeping quality (beneficial for logistics purposes) and can be forced worldwide.

One of the characteristics of Universe ® is that it is perfect for forcing purposes. The bulb is available in sizes 12-14 + through 20. Because one of affiliated growers produces bulbs in the Southern Hemisphere, bulbs of good quality can be supplied year round. And this benefits the quality of both the bulbs and their flowers.

‘Universe’ thus belongs to the elite segment. Even at higher temperatures, the bud remains upright so that the flower always has a fresh, open look. Another advantage: it makes the stems easy to package and a breeze to transport. Even after a few days of transport, the flowers will still open perfectly in the vase. This white Oriental lily is popular not only in Europe but is also well received in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Species Ori
Colour White
Breeder Van der Marel Lelie B.V. en Mak Lelie B.V.
Length 120 cm
greenhouse days 120 days

number of buds per bulb size

size # of buds
10-12 1-2
12-14 2-3
14-16 3-4
16-18 4-6
18-20 4-7
20+ 5-8