Lilium Tabledance®

A characteristic feature of Tabledance ® is that the variety of 12-14 to 20+ can be used by forcers. It is also grown in the southern hemisphere, which means that bulbs of a good quality can be supplied throughout the year. The quality of both bulbs and flowers benefits from this.

Lilium Tabledance® is an eye-catching hybrid among the OT hybrids due to its bright pink colour and unique bud presentation. Tabledance ® has upright buds, which means that it can be easily packed and transported .During the cutting phase, Tabledance® exhibits several, large buds displaying colour. This pink OT is also floriferous and vigorous.

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Species OT Hybrid
Colour Pink
Breeder Mak Breeding B.V.
Length 110 cm
greenhouse days 90 days

number of buds per bulb size

size # of buds
10-12 1-2
12-14 2-4
14-16 3-5
16-18 4-6
18-20 5-8
20+ 6-9