Captain Ventura ®

Captain Ventura ® is a Premium Variety calla lily that produces beautiful round off-white flowers. The colour of the flowers and their sturdy stems make them useful for many applications. Captain Ventura ® produces hardly any second-quality flowers. The first stems to be harvested are around 50 to 60 cm but can reach 90 cm. once the plants are well established in their production location.


Colour White
Breeder Captain Breeding B.V.
Flower shape Round
Flower size l
Cultivation period 8-10 weeks

Production per tuber size

Tuber size Stem length Production/tuber*
14-15 45-60 4-7
16-18 45-65 6-8
18-20 50-70 7-9
20-22 50-70 8-10

* Flower production and cultivation duration were measured under Dutch greenhouse conditions.