Wim-Jan Paauw

Captivating ‘Frontera’

The UK is our primary market however, the ‘Frontera’ has been unbelievably well-received throughout Europe.

With so many different cultivars out there, how do one attract attention to a specific one? Promoting at trade fairs and shows has proven to be a successful way. Lily ‘Frontera’ was featured at the CNB Lily Days.

Paauw Lilies from Rijnsburg often exhibits at international trade fairs and in-house shows organised by customers, says Wim-Jan Paauw. “You can’t measure the direct result from being at a show but being at an exhibition is always good exposure.” The main benefit from a trade fair or show is the feedback according to Paauw. “At an in-house show organised by customers, you get feedback straight from the source. It’s a fairly small investment to make with a possible large reach to gain. Another valuable benefit from trade fairs and shows is that it also allows you to talk to the customers of your customers. These are often quite entertaining conversations.”

Picture moment
Last year, Paauw Lilies exhibited at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer with a flower wall made up with white lilies. “We wanted to create a unique picture moment at the event. You rarely speak to new customers at international trade fairs, it’s a tight-knit community where everybody knows everybody else. Our main goal was to get our name out there and it worked! Our picture went viral. To come up with something new and unique every year is impossible, most of the things are usually already done once by someone else. That’s why we have decided to skip this year’s Trade Fair. We don’t exhibit just for the sake of being present, we need to have news or innovations we want to share.”

Paauw thinks that the CNB Lily Days is a valuable platform: “It’s a professional event with solely people from the industry as visitors: from growers to export companies. Trade fairs such as the FloraHolland Trade Fair or IFTF serves a completely different target group: the domestic and export market.” At the CNB Lily Days, Paauw Lilies presented their latest two-toned OT Lily ‘Frontera’. “Everyone was going crazy over the colour of the buds and the grade of the flowers.”

Appealing flower buds
OT’s tend to have irregular bud counts per stem however, not lily ‘Frontera’. According to Paauw, this is very rare same as its colouring. “The range in two-toned OT lilies is incredibly limited. The colour palette of the flowers is amazing and really stands out, it appeals to global taste. The UK is our primary market however, the ‘Frontera’ has been unbelievably well-received throughout Europe.”

The lily stays tight for a long period of time yet is showing full colour in an early stage. This feature is beneficial when it comes to transport and important to our customers and consumers, says Paauw. “Consumers can see that the lily they’ve just purchased will open up pink. However, the tightness of the buds is even more important to our customers. It’s the appealing look of the closed buds which makes ‘Frontera’ such in-demand with wholesalers and retailers.”

Paauw expects to be able to offer ‘Frontera’ all year round in the near future. The company has already had several years of experience in growing this variety as they stepped in when the cultivar was still in its early test phase. “We immediately picked up ‘Frontera’s’ potential. Together with Imanse Quality Lilies from Lisserbroek, we have the permit to grow this variety. Last year we have performed tissue culture. This year, we are mainly focusing on feedback from the market and they have been positive so far.”

Wim-Jan Paauw about lily Frontera