Dirk Wijnker about captain calla Lovely

‘Captain Lovely ’ a generous variety

With its large, plum toned flowers, the newbie stood out immediately from the other trial varieties.

The two brothers, Frits and Dirk Wijnker, from Anna Paulowna grow about 17 acres of calla on top of their range of tulips and other unusual bulbs. To meet market demands, they like working with new varieties. ‘Captain Lovely ’ is one of those new varieties. With its large, plum toned flowers, the newbie stood out immediately from the other trial varieties. Three years after its first discovery, this variety is now commercially available for the first time starting this season.

Dirk and Frits are the third generation running flower bulb company Gebroeders Wijnker. The greenhouse has been located at the Grasweg in Anna Paulowna since day one after grandpa Wijnker had moved there from Venhuizen. The brothers have always grown a selection of unusual bulbs, tulips and dahlias. However: “The dahlia market wasn’t that great 2 decades ago. Our cousin Rein, who was a CNB representative at the time, started looking into callas and got us excited about it as well. This is how we came across this product and we never regretted it. There was a lot to learn, especially at the start. But we have come a long way and are still on our way up.”

Large flowers

‘Captain Lovely’, from the portfolio of Kapiteyn, is a perfect example. “’Captain Lovely’ is specifically developed for the pot plant market. It’s shorter than other varieties meant for the flower industry. It makes a beautiful, generous plant, chock-full of foliage and large flowers. It also produces a lot of flowers, 12 to 15 stems per plant easily, in a stunning plum purple and holds its colour incredibly well. It grows fast, makes large tubers and is not prone to diseases. It truly is an improvement of our existing product range and on top of that, I just simply love the name.”

A keeper

Wijnker started with roughly five thousand T1 tubers and has 12 acres available in the meantime. “Next year, we are aiming to plant up 500 to 700 acres.” The tubers that Wijnker produces are sold to growers in The Netherlands and abroad. “Kapiteyn redeems all the excess tubers and re-sells them to their customers. This set up limits our stock risk and is very convenient to us.” So if you ask Wijnker, ‘Captain Lovely’ is a keeper. “Absolutely, we have very high expectations.”

Text: Monique Ooms
Fotography: René Faas

Dirk wijnker about Captain Lovely