Jaap-Moerman, Moerman-Lilium

Jaap Moerman TALKS ABOUT lily cultivars Crystal Blanca®, Asterian® & Universe®

Today we visited Jaap Moerman at Moerman Lilium.

The company has been located in De Lier since 1970 and is run by three brothers: Jaap, Jan and Paul Moerman. Together, they produce 6 million lilies distributed among 20 different varieties every year. Moerman Lilium’s largest market is England where the company sells more than two-thirds of its lilies. Next in importance are the former Eastern Bloc countries, particularly Russia. Moerman has made substantial investments in the company in recent years. Moerman Lilium has developed not only in terms of square metres but also in terms of its corporate image: a completely new house style used for its website, sleeves and lorry. Of its 20 varieties, we focused on 3 special white Oriental cultivars: ‘Crystal Blanca®’, ‘Universe®’ and ‘Asterian®’. In these videos, Jaap Moerman talks briefly about what you can expect from each of these lilies. What are their strengths? Why do Moerman Lilium’s customers buy these lilies? Jaap also provides bulb forcers with tips for producing cut flowers from each cultivar.

Company profile

Jaap Moerman, Moerman Lilium
Name : Jaap Moerman
Number of employees : 20 FTE
Family business? : yes, since 1970
How long have you been doing this work? : 18 years
How many stems do you force? : Approx. 6,000,000 lilies
How many varieties? : around 20 varieties
Produced for a specific market? : One-third goes to former Eastern Bloc countries, the rest to England.

Lilium Asterian

Jaap Moerman talks about Lilium Asterian

Lilium Crystal Blanca

Jaap Moerman talks about Lilium Crystal Blanca

Lilium Universe

Jaap Moerman talks about Lilium Universe