A bright future for muscari Carola

I immediately saw the bright future for this variety. Carola is perfect for in hand tieds and bridal work.

Muscari Carola is one of the muscari varieties from Paul van Bentem’s former nursery, which now falls under Muscari BV. John Zonneveld, based in Rijnsburg, is currently one of the select few growers, who offers this variety. Due to the length and sturdiness of the stems, the Carola is especially suitable to be used as cut flower.

It’s about 15 years ago, when Paul van Bentem first discovered this muscari Carola amongst the different hybrids of his father Jan. “I was captured from the first moment”, he said. “It is the proper height, the perfect colour and the sturdy stem, which makes this variety so easy to work with. A bunch with only 10 stems of Carolas already gives volume. I immediately saw the bright future for this variety. Carola is perfect for in hand tieds and bridal work.”

 Until Easter

“Our core business is growing cut hydrangeas. We have about 7000 square meters, says grower Zonnerveld. One day, I asked Paul if he could think of a pretty, small sized crop, which I could add to our range. This is how I came across Carola. This season, we have produced 400.000 stems. We always start in January and finish with Easter. After Easter, we will be too busy with our hydrangeas. “Muscari Carola is a pleasant variety to work with, says Zonneveld. “Although the watering and cooling is a very specific process. You must stick to the right amount of weeks. However, when you have ticked all the right boxes, you will have a winner.

Top quality

The Carola brings approximately 12ct per stem at the flower auction. “Prices are better this year compared to last year. We were lucky to have had such mild and open weather, which made the sales much easier.” Zonneveld expects the offer of Carolas on the auction to increase over the next few years. “Such a beautiful crop attracts attention of other growers fairly quickly. It remains a hard variety to bunch however. That’s why we won’t be increasing our numbers next season; we much rather focus on top quality then quantity.”

Text: Monique Ooms
Photography: René Faas

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