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Promoting tulips in 2016: Europe, Keukenhof and Germany

Tulip Promotion Netherlands has announced its plans for 2016. Arjan Smit, Chairman of TPN, reveals these plans..

Tulip Promotion Netherlands has announced its plans for 2016. Main themes during the traditional National Tulip Day will be ‘Europe’ and ‘Spinoza’. Germany will also be a major target for promotional activities this year. As always, the promotion will be launched during the National Tulip Day held on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Once again, this event will play an important role in promoting tulips. The Netherlands’ biggest cutting garden will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2016. Just as in previous years, this festive day marks the opening of the tulip season. The National Tulip Day will be held this year on 16 January. The theme for the fifth edition of this event is ‘Europe’. In choosing this theme, TPN refers to the fact that the Netherlands is chairing the European Union for the first six months of this year – and the garden will be designed accordingly. The EU logo will be at its center. This will be surrounded by 28 pathways (symbolising the EU member states) from which visitors can pick their tulips. ‘The theme we’ve chosen this year gives us many opportunities to attract attention from beyond our borders,’ explained Arjan Smit, the chairman of Tulip Promotion Netherlands (TPN). A significant percentage of the National Tulip Days promotional value is generated by messages posted on social media. TPN is using the services of a specialised company to support the foundation in its activities on Twitter and Facebook and also by creating blogs and vlogs. As part of this, a large screen next to the cutting garden will display all tweets coming in about the event. Since florists have also seized the chance in recent years to use the event to promote tulips themselves, TPN is making folders, posters and digital visual material available for their use. ‘Our aim is to focus as much attention as possible on the tulip,’ said Smit. Just like last year, a new tulip will officially receive its name. This year, the name of this tulip will be ‘Spinoza’ named after Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), the philosopher, mathematician and scholar who laid the groundwork for the Age of Enlightenment.

Tulip Tram
Another important part of the promotional activities will be aimed at Germany. For this purpose, TPN has teamed up with NBTC Holland Marketing, Keukenhof and Noordwijk Marketing in developing a campaign known as ‘#ichliebetulpen’ that combines tulips, a visit to Keukenhof and hotel accommodations in Noordwijk. TPN will invite representatives of various German media and travel magazines to visit the Netherlands. On 8 March, the collaborating organisations will be represented at the world’s largest tourism trade fair: ITB Berlin. Tulips will be featured here as well. And, early in March, a tram decorated with pictures of tulips will be riding through the streets of Cologne. Keukenhof will organise two tulip exhibitions this year, the first during week 12 and the second during week 17. Keukenhof will thus be serving as an international podium for the tulip. Smit stated that even more events and activities might be added to the promotional calendar. ‘This will be a late year for tulips. Our job is to ensure that people continue buying tulips even after Easter.’ By: René Bouwmeester Photography: René Faas