Premium variety tulip Clearwater Wim Langelaan

Keukenhof spotlight #1: Tulip Clearwater

Langelaan: “Clearwater is the most profitable variety in our nursery and a hassle-free product to work with.”

When you’re an exhibitor at Keukenhof, one thing is certain: your product will get attention. A lot of attention. Last year, over one million people from all over the world paid a visit to the Spring park in Lisse. How do growers from Premium Varieties products make use of this platform?  We spoke with 3 exhibitors, this week Wim Langelaan talks about Premium Variety tulip Clearwater at Keukenhof.

W.Th. Langelaan & Zn. from Julianadorp is exhibiting tulip Clearwater at Keukenhof as part of their range. Clearwater is a beautiful, single white tulip and flowers late in the season”, says Wim Langelaan. “Clearwater stands out due to its length, it will grow to approximately 50 to 55cm tall. It is also very suitable for nurseries based in hot climates, such as Southern Europe, Turkey and California.” The sizes 11 and 12 are meant for the dry bulb market. Size 12 and larger are mainly supplied to foreign nurseries. Tulip Clearwater is cultivated by Coöperatie Clearwater, a growers association, which was founded 14 years ago and has 10 growers as member. “In total we possess over 27 acres and we have just under 4 ourselves. Clearwater is the most profitable variety in our nursery and a hassle-free product to work with in the greenhouse. The growth of seedlings is very poor on sandy soil, which means you will have to plant top grade bulbs in order to get the desired quality. However, this is not necessary on clay as the Clearwater will give extra offsets. It’s a steady, reliable tulip for both nurseries and export companies. In all the years, I never had trouble supplying the numbers that were required by customers.

Great platform

Langelaan had been on the waiting list for a very long time before becoming an exhibitor at Keukenhof. “We have been exhibiting 2 years in a row now and couldn’t be happier. Here, we are guaranteed that our products are presented to a large audience. Keukenhof is the perfect stage for showcasing a variety such as Clearwater. It can use a bit of PR since not every exporter is familiar with this variety yet. And as Keukenhof attracts many export companies, there is a good chance it will be spotted. Wim visits the Spring park in Lisse about 5 times each edition. “I prefer to go early on Sundays, when it’s still quiet and I can look at everything at my own convenience. I do not meet up with customers here. Usually, they will visit the park anyway and often bring their own clients along. Of course I hope that people will notice Clearwater and contact us for more information. I will be more than happy to oblige.” Wim is astonished by the massive number of foreign tourists visiting the park, each time he is there. “They nearly crawl into the flowers just to get a good picture. Their excitement about our products is wonderful to see. My compliments to Keukenhof for the outstanding presentation and organisation.”

Text: Monique Ooms
Photography: René Faas


Wim Langelaan talks about Premium Variety tulip Clearwater